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It is my passion to curate a space that focuses on positivity, growth, and collaboration. There is no limit in this lifetime, and for my students, fellow artists, and collaborators it is important to me that every detail is cared for and showcased.



Creator | Artist | Collaborator

Jacq Clark received her BFA in dance and choreography from Ball State University. During her time there, she won

three Glammy Choreography Awards, and produced and choreographed her own show ‘Grief’. 


After graduation she danced for ArtlabJ Detroit as a company member and completed two full seasons with them. During that time she also worked as a freelance artist with many regional companies. Her experience includes ‘Not In My House’ with Kristi Faulkner Dance, ‘Reflections’ with Anna Rose, and ‘Obsessed’ with Chloe Grey . Her commercial work includes, Dj Marissa Guzman’s state wide tour, Pussy Riots Michigan tour, and DJ Zeke Thomas. She has also worked with highly awarded Korean choreographer Kang Seok Lee.


Her choreography experience includes curating works for T-Mobil, ArtlabJ grownups, Suttle Dance Company, and Wayward Sisters Theatre Co. She has also created works in Dancing Towards Change and Iphigenia 2.0 for Ball Sate University.


Her work has been workshopped at the North American Lab of Performing Arts and Spread Art. For the past year she has been building the Dance Program at Harper Woods High School and has recently left that position to become an Assistant Director for BodyLanguage La.B as well as a dancer and choreographer for them.

She is currently working as The Public Outreach Coordinator for TubLove Book and Assistant Director in charge of Social Media and Outreach for BodyLanguage La.B. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her knowledge through her Youtube Channel Jacq Clark Dance, teaching her students, and snuggling up with her partner Hailey, puppy Moose,

and two kittens Sage and Onyx.

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500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158


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